Narrating corporate videos is a significant part of Joe’s work as a voice artist. Over the past decade, he has narrated literally hundreds of marketing and training videos for various agencies and corporate clients, including such giants as Ford, Shell, Unilever, IBM and NTT.

Thanks to collaborative relationships with Hogarth (WPP’s in-house production group) to produce agency manifestos, case studies, show reels, client pitches and industry award submissions; and with Simpleshow (who specialize in training, branding and sales videos), Joe has become the go-to voice man for numerous corporate clients and creative agencies.

In addition, Joe also produces videos for commercial and academic purposes. He’s delivered marketing videos for Marriott Hotels and for Singapore start-up company BTX. His Tactslider product video supported launch of a new video gaming accessory at the CES trade show in Las Vegas in 2012. Repeatedly shown at BTX’s event booth, the video generated excitement while attracting potential buyers.

TactSlider Product Video

As a film-maker, Joe wrote, narrated & produced historical documentaries on Jersey City’s political Bosses and Reformers. These films flow from Joe’s research into Bossism and Machine Politics in Jersey City, and explore the complex politics following the fall of Mayor Frank Hague. They can be viewed here:

Past Is Prologue: Jersey City 1949, End of The Hague Era

Jersey City’s False Dawn: The Kenny Years 1949 – 1954

Nostalgia For The Future: Jersey City’s 1957 Victory Movement
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